Friday, October 20, 2006
The OlbermannWatch site is for some reason one of my favorite places to observe the dynamic and social order of the confused wingnut community. From the mid-IQ guys at the top, to the racists and rabid morons in the general population of the comment sections.

Now, keep in mind: OW is at the bottom end of the overall Conservative Noise Machine social order, just a cog in the wheel of the great machine. But, just as every anthill has its own King Ant (I know, but I don't want to smear anyone unnecessarily) OlbermannWatch has its Robert "Bob" Cox.

I don't know a lot about him - and I don't care to do the research, really - I just know he's a conflicted, hateful wingnut, and - let's face it, a handsome devil if there ever was one.

Bob seems half interested in taking down MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, and half interested in having himself a popular blog, so he spends a lot of time plugging the site, plugging himself, linking to other blogs (pro and anti KO), and generally making an embarrassment of himself.

His paid jackal (is he paid? he doesn't do this every single day of his life for free does he? Oh, that would be sad. But who's funding this project? That's a question worth looking into) is Johnny Dollar.

J$ claims to be a lawyer, and I have no reason to doubt him, the intellectual contortionism he displays in every night's recap of the Countdown show can only be the work of a trained professional liar. No fool is he. Make no mistake, he is not stupid, or deluded. This guy knows what he's doing. He's not one of the sheep, he's one of the guys keeping the sheep stupid by whatever means are necessary.

The idiot sheep in the comment section, have Stockholm Syndrome - except they're too stupid to know they're being held hostage. Johnny Dollar is very effective.

Maybe I need to give more thought to this whole Wingnut Social Order thing. Maybe it really is like a bunch of shepherds, each keeping their respective flocks of slack-jawed morons good and angry, good and hateful, misinformed 100% of the time. Feeding them a steady diet of red meat anti-media, anti-Hillary, anti-"Liberal" scraps to keep them agitated and confused and spewing rhetoric out of every orifice.

Little shepherds get little flocks of retards. Shepherd Bob Cox and his vicious sheepdog Johnny Dollar keep control of a small group of idiots - that's about all they can handle, but their flock is growing in both number and stupidity, so maybe they'll move up to a larger flock someday.

Savage and Hannity and Malkin's flocks are nearly a million-morons strong. O'Reilly's gang of retards is even bigger. And there's Boortz and Ingrahm and Scarborough and Tucker Carlson (his flock can fit in the back of a Ford Fiesta) and Glenn Beck and on and on and on...up to the pill-poppin' pimp daddy king shepherd of them all....Rush Limbaugh. And his four million sheep are so stupid, they think they're 20 million, because they keep hearing about Rush's ridiculous "listeners per week" number.

You could feel sorry for these sheep-tards if they weren't so vicious and hateful. They live in the listenership of the shepherds and comment sections of places like OlbermannWatch. They're the ones who bring every single argument back to Clinton (search OlbermannWatch for "blue dress" you will be absolutely astounded), who call Olbermann a "jihadist", and call Barack Obama a "chimp" without so mush as a tsk tsk from any of the other posters or the approving Bob Cox.

I built this site to fight the sheep, one at a time or in groups. I'm not trying to win them over to the side of the truth, they can't be won over, they're too stupid and too far lost. Not to mention I don't want my own flock of retards to look after.

I just love beating the shit out of sheep.
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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Has Dick Cheney gone batshit insane?

Of course not, he's simply LYING.

It's extra easy to drop a whopper like this one on the show hosted by the drug addict, because it's in Rush's interests to help the lie along. It's the same one he's been telling his moronic fans for three years, and he's not going to change his tune now.

It's the media. They're not telling us the good news. The media are liars. Believe only the government, the right wing rado nuts and the douche-bags on Fox News. Do not believe what you see with your own eyes, it is a lie - the media is only telling you the bad news... what about the new schools?! What about the electricity?! It's just like freakin' Manhattan over there!

Honestly, wingnuts... if you are still buying this load of shit, you're a hopeless moron. And if you're still selling this shit, you're an evil motherfucker.

Wake up for a second and do a little research, I've got news for you... it's a fucking mess any way you slice it. There's not a debate about this, and Cheney knows it too - they just can't admit it because they're RESPONSIBLE for it, and someone in this country might someday have the revolutionary idea to hold someone accountable for their actions.

If you disagree, I'm sorry, you're wrong. If you believe the "general overall situation... is going remarkablly well" in Iraq, feel free to give me a list of examples to make your point, but please realize you'll be demonstrating either that you're a total sucker, or purposely trying to mislead, which makes you an asshole.

So which one are you?
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Saturday, October 14, 2006
Here's the one and only question clear-thinking people should be asking the right-wing torture mongers and their republibots in the media:
Will it be acceptable to you if our captured U.S. troops are water-boarded in custody by the enemy?
This is the unavoidable consequence of Bush's Geneva-busting deal with the pushover John McCain:


If it's ok to torture because we need the information "really badly", then IT WILL BE OK FOR THE ENEMY TO TORTURE OUR TROOPS WHEN THEY NEED INFORMATION "REALLY BADLY"!
How about stress positions? You got any problem with that tactic being used on American soldiers?
We say it's ok to do it, they have no reason not to do it.

And that means we are setting the rules by which OUR OWN PEOPLE will eventually be tortured.

This is a simple argument and should be a slam dunk WINNING argument, so why the fuck can't anybody on the correct side of this issue make it clear:

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